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Condominium Owners Insurance Claims

Any type of damage at a condominium has the potential to affect many lives. With a high number of individuals living within a relatively small amount of space, the resulting consequences will likely cause a disproportionate amount of stress and harm. Property owners and tenants alike are vulnerable to serious ramifications.

The time it takes for an insurance claim to be accepted and paid out can already be too long, but add an uncooperative insurance provider to the mix, and you could have some serious problems. Especially when multiple people are involved, you would expect and insurance company to do their stated job, and help you resolve this unfortunate situation in a timely fashion. This is not the case for many Central Florida condominium property owners, who have routinely been denied coverage or given a low-ball offer.

When this happens, legal representation is necessary to get the claim process back on track and hold the insurance company accountable for their actions (or inaction). An attorney will be able to argue on your behalf and stand up for you against the selfish interests of big business.

Orlando Condominium Insurance Attorney

Filing a claim is time-sensitive, with even a short delay created unwarranted and avoidable problems. An insurance company should be your strongest advocate, considering you entrusted them with your safety by paying a monthly premium for sometimes nothing more than uncertainty. When they fail to live up to their obligation, it is your right to demand compensation.

Hale, Hale & Jacobson is a legal practice that focuses on helping property owners make certain their insurance claims are paid out. We handle every step in the legal process, including assessing and valuing the damage, producing relevant documentation and analyzing the policy contract. Our years of experience have allowed us to gain a firm grasp on how to proceed in what can be a stressful and complicated situation.

Not intimidated by the vast legal resources that insurance companies have at their disposal, our firm takes a proactive and aggressive approach towards representation. Always tenacious, we will pursue the facts of the case and fight for your deserved compensation for as long as it takes.

As a Central Florida firm, we proudly extend our services to individuals, families and property owners who are in the claims process throughout Osceola County, Orange County and Seminole County. This includes, among many others, the cities of Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Casselberry, Oviedo and Sanford, among others.

Considering the time-sensitive matter of an insurance claim, our firm will immediately begin working on your case following a free initial consultation. At this meeting, you will be able to sit down with one of our attorneys and go over the details of your case in a confidential and relaxed atmosphere. To schedule a time to discuss your condominium insurance claim, call (407) 425-4640 or send an online message today

Condominium Owners Insurance Information Center

Common Condominium Insurance Claims

Condominiums are at risk for many different types of damage. With a large amount of surface area, both inside and out, condominiums are vulnerable to many different dangers and will likely require a great deal of repair work. Some of the most common condominium claims in Florida and Orlando include:

  • Structural damage to units
  • Damaged foundations
  • Damaged roofs
  • Water damage
  • Damaged landscaping, swimming pools and common areas
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Storm damage
  • Hurricane damage, including reopening hurricane claims
  • Water damage

Condominium Insurance Policies in Orlando

Before filing a claim, it is important to have a strong comprehension of the particular policy in question. Condominium insurance policies typically cover damage to furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, jewelry, personal belongings and any personal liability for injuries sustained inside the owner’s condominium.

An insurance provider usually supplies a condominium unit owner’s policy, which is referred to as a H0-6, to individuals who are seeking condominium insurance. This type of policy covers damage to any contents inside the owner’s condominium and provides personal liability insurance for any injuries incurred in the condominium itself.

Most condominium policyholders are required to first pay a deductible on the loss before their insurer will take over payment of the damages. It is important to examine your policy and determine what is covered and specifically excluded under your policy.

Insurance Disputes

Your insurer will attempt to deny your condominium claim for any of the following reasons:

  • Your HOA policy covered the damage, not your individual policy,
  • The damage to your condo was excluded from your policy,
  • The premium on your policy was not timely paid, so your policy was cancelled,
  • The cause of the damage was not covered by your policy, and/or
  • Your claim was fraudulently made.

Legal Concerns for Insurance Providers

There are various laws on the books concerning insurance providers and administrators. The Florida Revised Statutes regarding insurance laws will provide you with important legal information if you take them to court.

To start, Fla. Stat. §624.604 defines 'property insurance' as: Insurance on real or personal property of every kind and of every interest therein, whether on land, water, or in the air, against loss or damage from any and all hazard or cause, and against loss consequential upon such loss or damage.

Of all the laws in place, the following statutes are the most relevant for a condominium insurance claims dispute:

§ 626.9541(1)(i) – Engages in unfair claim settlement practices;
§ 626.9541(1)(o) - Illegal dealings in premiums;
§ 626.9541(1)(x) - Refusal to insure for discriminatory reasons;
§ 627.7283 – Return of premium for cancelled insurance policies required.

Resources for Condominium Owners Insurance Claims

Insurance Basics – This link sends you to an informational site about homeowners and condominium insurance. It goes over things to consider when choosing condominium insurance along with other resources for before and after an insurance claim.

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation – This link sends you to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation home page. This site offers information on insurance types, industry data, government affairs and consumer resources. You can also research the state laws on regulation of the insurance industry and your rights as a consumer and policyholder.

Condominium Insurance – This link brings you to a site that contains some good information on condo policies, including types of master policies, deductibles, coverage, replacement cost coverage, insuring contents and structure and additional coverage.

Hale, Hale & Jacobson | Florida Condominium Insurance Claims Lawyer

If your claim has been delayed, disputed or denied by your insurance provider, a qualified Central Florida insurance lawyer will be able to represent your interests and demand compensation. Insurance companies will use overcomplicated legal reasoning and deceptive practices to refuse or lower the fair payout, leaving many customers without options for repairing their condominium damage.

Our firm, Hale, Hale & Jacobson, has years of experience representing condominium owners who have been forced to deal with the selfish interests and uncaring business motives of insurance providers, and will bring all of the knowledge and understanding gained from this to the benefit of your case.

Comprehensive and cost-effective, if we are unable to reach a favorable solution, our firm will forgo attorney's fees. This dedication to our clients and the confidence we have in our abilities has enabled us to successfully represent many Orlando and Florida individuals and businesses, without being profit-driven.

Hale, Hale & Jacobson proudly represents people throughout Apopka, Maitland, Ococee, Winter Park, Winter Garden, Lake Mary, Longwood, Belle Isle and Christmas, along with many more Central Florida cities. To schdule a free consultation to go over your claim with an attorney, please call (407) 425-4640 or send an online message.