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Orlando Arrests

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A popular vacation area in Florida, Orlando can also be a place for many different types of tourist arrests. These arrests can include a variety of misdemeanors and felonies, ranging from retail theft and driving under the influence to assault and domestic violence. If you are arrested in Orlando, you can face serious repercussions, including fines, jail or prison time, a criminal record, probation, and consequences in your personal life. Orlando arrests can include:

  • Misdemeanor Charges
  • Felony Charges
  • Out of State / Tourist Arrests

If you have been charged with a criminal offense while on vacation in Orlando, it is possible for an attorney to handle your entire case without your presence, or you ever having to return to Florida. Even if you have been charged with a felony offense, the court may allow you to waive many of your pre-trial appearances

Orlando Arrest Defense Lawyer

The attorneys at Hale, Hale & Jacobson can help you avoid harsh punishments and severe repercussions for your criminal offense in Orlando, Florida. Maria D. Hale and Richard O. Hale are experienced and knowledgeable in Florida’s criminal laws. Call the law offices of Hale, Hale & Jacobson at (407) 425-4640 for a consultation today.

Orlando Criminal Charges Information Center

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Florida Statutes Governing Orlando Arrests

There are around 300 statutes governing criminal offenses in Florida. Most of these charges and the punishments for the charges are defined in Title XLVI of the Florida Statutes throughout chapters 775-896.

Florida defines misdemeanors in § 775.08 of the Florida Statutes as any criminal offense that is punishable by imprisonment of less than one year in a county correctional facility. Misdemeanors do not typically include convictions for noncriminal traffic violations or county ordinance violations.

Felonies, as defined in § 775.08 of the Florida Statutes are any criminal offenses that are punishable by death or imprisonment in state penitentiary by more than one year. Felonies also usually include hefty fines. A felony can be classified as a capital felony, life felony, felony of the first degree, felony of the second degree, or felony of the third degree.

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Penalties for Being Arrested in Orlando, Florida

Someone convicted of an offense in Orlando, Florida can be sentenced to state prison time, fines or both. The penalties for offenses in Florida are listed in §775.082 and §775.083 of the Florida Statutes.

Misdemeanor penalties can include fines from less than $500 to not more than $1,000 and jail time from no more than 60 days up to one year in jail. Penalties for felonies can involve prison time ranging from a term of imprisonment of less than five years up to life in prison without parole or the death penalty, depending on the offense, and fines ranging from less than $5,000 to no more than $15,000.

Additionally, if someone is guilty of a misdemeanor or felony in Orlando, they can also have their license suspended or revoked, property forfeited, they can be removed from government office, or any other civil penalty as determined by the court or other lawful authority.  

Those convicted of a misdemeanor or felony in Orlando can also have negative effects on their personal life, including:

  • Revocation of a professional license,
  • Loss of family or friendships,
  • Denial of government financial assistance,
  • Denial of financial assistance for school,
  • Rejection from further education, and/or
  • Inability to ever own or possess a handgun.

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What to do if Arrested in Orlando

If you have been arrested in Florida, there are important steps to follow to reduce the repercussions of your charge, or that may even help you have your charges dismissed.

First, invoke your right to remain silent. It is the law enforcement officer’s duty to gather as more information as possible to help the prosecutors win their case. You have a constitutional right to remain silent, and not say anything that could possibly hurt the defense of your case. In order to invoke your right, simply tell the arresting officer you are exercising your right to remain silent, and do not want to say anything without your attorney present.

Second, hire an attorney immediately. If you are in police custody, tell the officers you want to hire an attorney, or have one appointed if you cannot afford one. Anything you do or say without your attorney can be used against you in a criminal trial. An Orlando attorney can help you avoid severe consequences and punishments in both your personal professional life.

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Resources in Orlando

Florida Statutes Online – This website contains all of the laws and statutes governing criminal offenses in the state of Florida, including specific offenses and punishments.

Orange County Clerk of Courts – The county clerk of Orange County has information about misdemeanor and felony arrests in Orlando, information about your case in Orange County, forms for the county and filing fee information. The clerk’s office is located at:

Orange County Clerk of Courts
425 N. Orange Avenue, Suite 410
Orlando, Florida 32801
Phone: (407) 836-2000

City of Orlando Police Department – This Florida law enforcement agency help keeps Orlando safe by reducing crime and keeping the neighborhoods livable. The office is located at:

Orlando Police Department
100 South Hughey Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32801
Phone: (407) 246-2470

Visit Orlando – Orlando’s Official Tourism Web Site – This website has information about things to do while in Orlando, places to stay, a calendar of upcoming Orlando events, and discounted tickets for theme parks and events in Orlando.

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Contact the law offices of Hale, Hale & Jacobson today for a consultation about your arrest in Orlando, Florida. It is important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you find the best possible outcome for your situation. Contact Hale, Hale & Jacobson at (407) 425-4640 for a consultation about your criminal offense in Orange County or surrounding areas, including Seminole County, Osceola County, Orlando, Winter Park and Kissimmee.